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Internship Position Open - Apply Now

    Zalinah White - Careers
We are immensely grateful to all our customers who are patiently waiting for us to reopen again and bring you the best of our brand. This has been a challenging time for Zalinah White and we look forward to going back to business as usual as soon as we possibly can.  
As an independent fashion brand we go though a lot when it comes to running a business. And we are happy to announce that a new Intern Position is now available with flexible start dates. The type of person we are looking for is a curious individual eager to learn about ins and outs of a small business. 
Your responsibilities include and are not limited to:
*Picking and packing customer orders
*Assisting with product Quality Control on new stock and returned goods
*Attending and participating in events alongside the Head Designer (exhibitions and Trade Shows) 
*Assisting with logistics and raw materials sourcing for the manufacturing process 
*Working closely with the Head Designer on day-to-day tasks 
*Participating in photoshoots and fittings 
     Zalinah White - Careers
The type of person we are looking for is able to:
*Challenge and be challenged
*Bring in your ideas and stand your ground 
*Stay aware of the latest fashion trends and have keen interest in customer buying habits
*Demonstrate computer literacy and social media skills 
*Willing to absorb all the experience an independent fashion brand is here to offer
 *Be open to change and a strong communicator 
You’ll need to be free up to two days a week with possible permanent arrangements for the right person. Expect travel around London and occasional late stays during events or shows. 
If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of Zalinah White, send your CV and your Cover Letter to with the heading ‘Internship Application’ Remember to follow us on social media and we’ll be sure to respond to every application. 

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