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Are you a creative bunch? We need you!

      Zalinah White at the V&A Museum
As an independent womenswear brand we are always looking to partner with likeminded people be it influencers, stylists or brand ambassadors. 
With social media reshaping how consumers make their choice it is important to us that we select to work with the industry’s best and those whose views and values match ours. 
What we are looking for is to cooperate with experts in their field and individuals who know their platforms really well, actively engage with their audience and be aware of what their audience likes the most.
We believe that the chosen ambassador plays an important role in the partnership as well as us being able to propose an exclusive product among to the influencer among the first. And we chose to prioritise brand match over how many followers an influencer has. 
     Zalinah White at the V&A Museum
The range of partnerships we offer varies from giveaways to fundraising and paid partnerships as well as participation of an influencer in product development. We would like to build momentum for the future  by making our products available for the most.
We don’t want the standard, the usual and the boring. We want imperfect, striving, we want ones with the desire to challenge isolation and make a connection with one another. We want creative goldmines! If you love fashion as much as we do you really need to get in touch with us without hesitation! Send us your social media account links and tell us why you think you’d be a good match to work with us as we shall aim to respond to everyone of you! 
       Zalinah White at the V&A Museum
Here’s a list of what types of connections we would like to make but remember to contact us if you believe you are the right match even if what you do is not on the list! 
-Fashion, lifestyle and makeup bloggers 
-Ballet dancers and gymnasts
-Food bloggers and nutritionists 
-Travel bloggers 
-Stylists and agents 
-Independent art studio owners
We look forward to hearing from you! Email us now. 
Zalina M