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How do we manage waste?

Since our establishment in 2017, our London based manufacturing site produced over 80 metres of fabric off-cuts. Instead of adding to the landfill, we decided to recycle waste into something more than a pile of unwanted scraps. 
I have always had a thing for stationery. The week before the first day at school each year was filled with expectation of a special shopping day dedicated to my stationery supplies. It was a set of ten ruled and ten graph paper notebooks. One blank A4 sketchbook with thin paper and another one of those with thick paper - for the arts class. The smell of paper filled my imagination with enigmatic stories of love, lust, faith and emotions. 
Today, we partnered with Kapdaa to bring you a range of A5 and A6 notebooks made from fully recycled fabric off-cuts. Carefully handcrafted from scratch, they feature a high-quality ruled paper wrapped in quality hardback covered with fabric. Each notebook comes with a built-in branded Zalinah White bookmark which was originally made as a test version of a wrapping ribbon during early stages of the brand packaging development.
It’s a team of ten men and women in colourful India who spend their days glueing each page by hand into our notebooks. Each notebook is then hand-wrapped in an individual packaging and the box is shipped to the UK. It is here, in London, we unwrap and quality check every notebook before wrapping it in a recyclable belly band and shipping it by post in a recyclable carton box. 
Fashion mustn’t hurt the environment. And this is our way of saying thank you to the planet Earth. 
Zalina M 
*Please reuse or recycle the notebook packaging once you have received it.