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Best of British: The Sedative Scent Of English Lavender And An Argentinian in UK

Polka Dot Modest Maxi With Long Sleeves - Zalinah White in the Mayfield Lavender Fields
This is me. And this is you. This is us reading there lines together. Last night you and I were wandering through the dark woods of Southern England in search of answers to the questions we did not even have in front of us. It’s been a while since you and I talked to each other. In fact, never… It took a long way to travel to see you through the countless miles across the endless waters just to look into your eyes and experience what you experience now. You, yes, you. That someone staring into the horizon of this dark purple field filled with burning rows of the summer sun. The sun I so avoid looking at. The sun that brings out my feelings. No, your feelings. You and I are a whole. You and I are together, forever. Walking hand to hand, side by side, talking to each other so rarely yet so sincerely. You are me. Throwing way the stones, drawing the perfect picture of my tomorrow. The tomorrow I so very much look forward to. The tomorrow I am so afraid of. The fear I am ready to face. I love you. 
Polka Dot Modest Maxi With Long Sleeves - Zalinah White in the Mayfield Lavender Fields
How to get there 
My first time visiting the fields and I certainly underestimated how long it would take me to get there amid covid changes applied to public transport and the fact that it is a rather popular destination even on a Monday morning. A Southern Train to Purley followed by the 166 bus from Tesco was a three-hour journey from North-West London and I am immensely grateful to the team of three who patiently waited for my late arrival. 
Neoprene Wrap Dress - Zalinah White in the Mayfield Lavender Fields
First Impression
It's a love at first sight. I mean it. The minute you enter the farm you are welcomed by a couple of friendly and professional team members who guide you through the facilities of the farm and hand you a lovely leaflet that smells of... lavender! 
Lavender Milk Chocolate from Mayfield Lavender Far in Purley Barnstead - Zalinah White Lavender Milk Chocolate from Mayfield Lavender Far in Purley Barnstead - Zalinah White Lavender Milk Chocolate from Mayfield Lavender Far in Purley Barnstead - Zalinah White
The Mayfield Store
To the right hand side of the entrance is the signature Mayfield Lavender shop filled with goodies and everything to do with lavender. Bunches of dried lavender, lavender seeds filled pouches for better sleep, lavender pulse oil, lavender soap, lavender scented candles, lavender planting seeds, lavender gift bags, lavender chocolate, lavender lemonade, lavender essential oils, lavender honey... The most diverse range of lavender produce I have seen in years. 
Lavender Cupcakes - Zalinah White visits the Mayfield Lavender Farm in July 2020
The cupcakes... 
Oh God, I would give my life to experience the taste of these beauties again. A mouthwatering yet gentle and light flavour of lavender fills your mouth with every bite. And yes, two more cupcakes travelled with me back to London because goodness must be shared! 
Ginger Girl wearing Gingham Dress Pin up Style - Zalinah White in the Lavender Fields July 2020
The Ginger Girl 
Her name is Ana. Ana Luz. An Argentinian beauty with the hair of a goddess and a soul of an enchanter in search of the unknown. Just like you and I, she knows nothing about what tomorrow has to bring yet courageously looks into the eyes of a wonderful world called life. Her kindness and warm heart shall melt the ice of those able to see beauty through what daily routine has to give us. She is full of love, feelings and emotions. She knows what it is like to love and be loved. She knows what it is like to feel what you feel by just talking to you for a few minutes. And that translates into all areas of her life from work to friendship, from personal to her relationships with the loved ones. A total inspiration, a gentle heart, the essence of a bohemian beauty.  
Zalina M 
Dresses featured in the above article: 
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